Illustrated Journals – Reflection and Creativity

Illustrated Journals

An illustrated journals is the best way for me to reflect on my day and/or my travels. It also makes sure that I do something creative everyday, even if it is just a small sketch.

Being able to reflect at the end of every day has so far been the most productive and therapeutic habit for me. If I don’t spend time reflecting, I start to notice that I don’t take in the days so much anymore. They become a mundane routine, just another day that passes by; however, keeping an art journal makes me really think about all the things that I am grateful for, all the funny little things that may have happened and even the challenges and how I dealt or not dealt with them.

As I got older, the years seem to go by so fast and looking back, most of the time I don’t even know what I have done or achieved in that whole year. How sad is it that we live year after year without appreciating them? So, I have decided to truly live everyday, being grateful for all the excitement, but also the ordinary. You tend to remember all the big things and events in life, when really, it is the small things that makes life. What better way to remember all the little things than journaling?

I have attempted to keep written journals before, but never managed to keep them going for more than a month. As much as I love writing, I adore drawing and painting! So, keeping illustrated journals have been so much easier and fun for me.

It all started off as travel journals as a different way of capturing the memories along with photos and videos. In my journals, I mainly use watercolours and ink. I am a bit of a stationary nerd and how much I love the sketchbook or notebook also determines how easy it is for me to keep going with it. I have tried out many sketchbooks, but the one that really stuck with me so far is the moleskine daily dairy (softcover). It is not a sketchbook and not watercolour paper, but for a journal, that exact unfinished and almost messy look it creates somehow is what I love about it.


It all sounds fun and easy, but there are also challenges to it.  Some days, I wake up, have breakfast, go to work , go home, watch a movie and go to sleep. Those days are particularly challenging to journal. Coming up with new and creative ways to illustrate routine days is so difficult! However, I have realised that it does not have to be something big. Sometimes, it is just a quote that really reflects my mood that day or song lyrics that I am obsessed with.

When I first started my art journal, I kept forgetting about it until I had 3 months of blank pages to catch up on! Making sure that I am consistent is definitely the biggest challenge for me.


What I love about art journals

They keep my soul fresh, inspired and creative. Ben Sweetland says that “happiness is a journey, not a destination” and I could not agree more. Appreciate the little things of every day life as much as the bigger things and you will feel more content and happy.


Do you keep a journal? I would love to hear about yours and any tips you may have! 🙂

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arita muhaxheri

omggg this epic ,I soo wanna get into bullet journalist and then hopefully upgrade into illustration at some point <3 your drawings are soooo darn beautiful xx

Matea G

I absolutely love illustrated journals! It’s a form of art! I have a photo journal simply because my photography is my art and I don’t draw that nicely! LOL