DIY Travel Map

DIY Travel Map – How I made my world map


Travel Maps – there are so many ways to document where you have been in the world. There are scratch off world maps, pinning world maps. I wanted something that was a bit more artsy and I love creating, so I thought why not make my own one! I love painting and drawing, so a colour-in map was ideal for me.


  – 2 A1 foam boards

– metallic marker in gold

– Acrylics paint

– pencil

– print out of a world map (big enough to cover the foam boards)

This map is quite big, so just adapt to your preferred size and you can have it fit on just 1 foam board if you don’t want 2 separate ones. To make the travel map, I printed out a world map in the chosen size. As I only have an A4 printer, this came out as parts on A4 sheets. I then used a pencil to trace the map onto the foam boards and outlined it with the metallic marker. The tracing part took a long time and required a lot of detailed work and patience, especially in this size.

I then used Acrylic paints to paint in the countries that I have been to and printed out small pictures of my travels to decorate around the map. I also thought about using pins and thread to connect the pictures to the destinations; however, feel like that would make it look to cluttered, so I left it as it is, but that is up to you 🙂

 I bought the foam boards at Cass’Art in London, but you can also find them online, e.g. on Amazon. They are quite light and easy to carry around if you are moving a lot like me.

I hope you like the idea and it inspired you to create your own version! If you do, please share as I’d love to see all your lovely creations!

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