Mini Chocolate Cakes with Baiser Frosting – Glutenfree Recipe

When I think of cake, I can’t help but smile. When I think of chocolate, I feel like I’m in paradise. Yup, I am a true cake addict and the definition of someone with a sweet tooth.

Glutenfree Recipe

So, when my cousin asked me to make some glutenfree cakes for him, I was excited to try something new as I don’t have a lot of experience with glutenfree cakes. I did a lot of research to make sure that everything I use is glutenfree and remembered a recipe I tried on a TV programme called “Sweet & Easy”. (Link to the original recipe below)

It was a bit too heavy and sweet for my taste, so I adapted it and tried a Baiser Frosting instead of their Soft Cheese Frosting. The cakes were baked on tiny silicone cake forms to make it easier to remove them afterwards.

And voila, the results were cute little cakes that just look too adorable to eat! You can experiment with different toppings. I quite like them with just whipped cream on top as well.


Ingredients (12 cakes)

155 g Butter

150 g Grounded Almonds

100 g Grounded Hazelnuts

6 small Eggs

75 g Sugar, pinch of salt

150 g Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Extract (to taste)

Few drops of Lemon Juice

Baiser Frosting

4 Egg Whites

150 g Sugar

Lemon zest (optional)


  • melt the butter and add sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate and stir. Take off heat once it is melted together.
  • add egg yolks and a pinch of salt
  • add almonds and hazelnuts and blend together well
  • beat the egg whites with a hand mixer and add a few drops of lemon juice
  • fold the egg whites carefully into the chocolate mix
  • fill the cake mix in the forms and put into a preheated oven (180°C) for about 15 minutes
  • leave the cakes to cool down

  • abou 30 minutes before serving, beat the egg whites and slowly add the sugar until it has dissolved
  • add some lemon zest for a citrus flavour if you want
  • use a spoon to spread the frosting onto the cakes then put them into a preheated oven (175°C) for about 5-8 minutes until the top of the Baiser is slightly golden.
  • indulge and enjoy!

Did you give it a try? Comment below and let me know what you think! 🙂


Want to see me bake and illustrate these adorable cakes? Check out my youtube video! The video was filmed when I made these cakes the first time around with the soft cheese topping.


Original recipe:










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