Dark Sugars – London Chocolate Heaven

A Place for Chocolate Lovers in London

I recently moved to London and feel like a child on Christmas morning, every time I discover a new, amazing place, such as Dark Sugars.

I am a chocolate lover, chocolate fanatic, obsessed with these deliciously soft sweetness that melts in your mouth and tastes of heaven. You can imagine, how exciting it was for me to take the first step into London’s chocolate heaven.

Something for Everyone

Does your heart beat for the alcohol-filled truffles? The fruity taste tangling on your tongue? Are you a rich or very light chocolate lover? Or are you vegan? Then, there is something for everybody in this shop. Not only did it smell amazing, the set up of the shop and the different types of chocolate were true eye candy and I could not stop to take pictures.

And before I knew it, I was handing over 11 GBP for chocolate… but oh how happy it made me! The first bite, the first taste…. it was so worth it!

You might think I’m crazy, but hey, I looooove chocolate!! So, if you are a fan of chocolate, this is definitely the place to be! In addition to their chocolate sortiment, Dark Sugars also offer different types of hot chocolate and very chocolate-y freak shakes.

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