West Wales

West Wales – A Roadtrip along the Coast

WALES – To be honest, I did not really know much about Wales when I got accepted into the University in Cardiff. Not really knowing what to expect, I packed my bags and moved from Germany to Wales. Over the years, I have come to love Wales and its nature, especially West Wales is absolutely breathtaking! If you love hiking and nature, this is the perfect retreat place for you.

A few year ago, I did a roadtrip along the coasts of West Wales and I hope I can go back again soon.


So, we rent a car and drove from Cardiff along the Pembrokeshire Coast with a stop at St. David’s before heading back to Cardiff through the Brecon Beacons. The scenery was incredible and it was much more accessible with a car. Even though it was still quite cold, we were still able to walk along the peaceful beaches without crowds of people. We passed through little towns and a Pub in the middle of nowhere. When we entered the Pub, everyone was staring at us, I assume they are usually only locals at that Pub. Instead of the typical layout, the chairs were set up in a circle. It was slightly awkward at first, but then people started to take an interest in where we are coming from and our trip and they were all very friendly and helpful. It was definitely a different experience!

We took some snacks with us to have a picnic at the beach during the day and went to local Pubs for dinner afterwards. The silence and the fresh air were just what we needed. Often, it was just us, no tourists, no crowds.

We went on a little hike up a hill and encountered wild horses, just relaxing in the field. We managed to get quite close and that sense of wild nature made me feel a bit emotional. This rawness and authenticity is not something you encounter much, especially when you are living in a City. This was definitely my favourite memory of the trip.

Our trip took us to Stackpole, the dramatic cliffs of West Wales to the beautiful Cathedral of St. Davids.

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