Chefchaouen – The Blue Gem of Morocco

A Place to Remember

Do you know the feeling, when you’re just so taken by a place that your heart beats faster just thinking back of your time there? I have this feeling with Chefchaouen; the blue gem of Morocco. I am absolutely in love with this place and am so glad that I managed to do a quick trip there after all.

Having landed in Fez, I felt quite overwhelmed by the crowds and the busy feel of it. I have heard of Chefchaouen and decided to take a trip there. The plan was to do a day trip as I have already booked the accommodation in Fez for the whole length of my travels. However, after checking several tours, I nearly gave up on it as it was ridiculously expensive.

Luckily, I decided to research online and found out that there is a coach going from Fez to Chefchaouen for 10 times cheaper. Due to the timetable, I had to spend the night there, which turned out to be the best decision. I found a cheap hostel for just 6.5 GBP per night including breakfast.

En Route to the Blue City

It took nearly 5 hours to get to Chefchaouen, but the views were breathtaking. It was amazing how close you get to the Desert. Driving passed the little villages and farms, you really get to see the rural life of Morocco; thus realising how different it is to what you would see as a tourist in the big city.You see people passing by on their donkeys, working on the farms and little children running around, playing with chickens and waving at you.

5 hours later, we finally arrived in Chefchaouen. At first, you notice the blue doors here and there and the further into town you go, the bluer it got. The houses start to turn blue and once you reach the old Medina, the stairs turn blue. Everything was just blue. Little streets are decorated with colourful flower pots and the walls are adorned with colourful carpets, clothes and other goods.

Immediately, you notice the difference to Fez. You can browse through the shops and take your time without people pushing you to buy something. You can ask people for directions without worrying that they’ll expect money in return. The streets are less crowded and you find yourself just standing there, taking every little thing in, all the inspiration this town had to offer. The only (pleasant) disturbance being kittens staring at you. In every corned, you find paintings, amazing handcrafts, anything from jewellery to handwoven carpets. I wish I could get all these things back to London!

Nevertheless, next time, I would definetely plan more time in for Chefchaouen as I heard that there are beautiful hiking trails around the town as well.

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I visited Morocco 16 years ago and I loved every moment! I never visited chefchaouen, but it looks amazing. The blue houses are incredible. Loved your pictures. This makes me want to plan a trip in the near future!


Great collection. Loved the pics.


This place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this jewel!


I am moroccan and I really like how you describded Chefchaouen! It’s really a beautiful city. Next time you come to Morocco you can visit many other cities that aren’t less beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed your time in our country!!

Taylor M. Harrison

In love with your descriptions. Beautiful pictures! <3


My Morocco. I’v been wanting to go to Chefchaouen for years but I only go back once a year and that time is spent visiting family all over the place. Love this post!

Love always,



stunning photos and a well written post. well done 🙂

arita muhaxheri

this place is my forever dream <3 I hope to visit one day <3


I absolutely love this. The blue is so calming and the place looks quaint and charming. 🙂


I am in love with this place and would love to visit there. It is right up my ally. Love blue and the quieter the better! Is that bags of dye for the cloth in the pictures?

Tatum Skipper

Morocco seems to be pretty popular these days, and in good reason!! Wow, the Blue City oozes color and vibrancy! I would probably buy everything in those markets!!

Judson L Moore

Wow Chefchaouen is gorgeous! I was in Morocco in March, but just visited Fez, Marrakesh and the High Atlas. I am planning to go back again next year to visit the Sahara and have pinned Chefchaouen as another destination I will hopefully get to check out. It is awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience and these awesome photos!

Tom @ Adventurous Travels

So beautiful, I’ve been there and it’s one of the most charming places on our planet. Such a simple thing – just the blue color and colorful details turned this town into a living fairy tale. Don’t skip Chefchaouen! It’s amazing!

Alberto C

Chefchaouen was one of the highlights of my visit to Morocco. Such a beautiful, quiet and tidy town, totally different to the craziness of Fez or Tangier! I spent a couple of days in there and absolutely loved it

My Travelogue by Bhushavali

So beautiful! Reminds me of Pondicherry in India where everything is Yellow!!! Its awesome that this place is off the tourist grid and doesn’t have much crowd. 6.5 GBP for a night incl breakfast? That’s unbelievable!


This is definitely a place to remember. this city is so beautiful. would have been unreal walking those lanes

Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

My favorite color is Blue and If I were able to traipse my feet in Blue City, it’ll be such a great thing for me. I like how concise you’re in sharing your travel experiences. I’ll surely pen this on my bucket list. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Ana Ojha

The vibrant streets of Chefchaouen look timeless to stroll! Must be an amazing experience to explore this beautiful city!